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Patient Support Group - Lymphoma Vaccine

Date: June 22, 2006

CLL Vaccine Trial Participants: Get Your Questions Answered

A group of lymphoma patients and their caregivers has graciously extended an invitation to CLL patients who are enrolling in Genitope Corporation' new MyVax clinical trial. This group,, consists of folks who have experience with prior idiotype vaccine clinical trials - and even better, represent long term, disease-free survivors. Please note that this is not for window-shoppers. For general interest in the technology, you are best served by the Genitope Corp. website ( or by writing to the company itself. The NHL vaccine group is small and not set up to answer a lot of questions from those who have a casual interest. If you are enrolled in the Genitope trial, however, please do consider joining this group.

The invitation to CLL patients was communicated by Jama Beasley, moderator of the LymphomaVaccine group.

This yahoo group is open to lymphoma patients and their caregivers. It's purpose is to share knowledge with each other about vaccine and other related immuno-therapies with the ultimate goal of helping each other survive. Current membership of 105 NHL patients have participated in numerous vaccine protocols including: Genitope Phases 1-3, Favrille Phases 1-3, NCI (Biovest), Stanford/Levy W & W 16, Stanford/Levy (pre-Genitope idiotype vaccine), Prof. Veelken in Germany, and Prof. Bendandi in Spain.

In the past, membership has been limited to Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma patients and their caregivers. Personally, I welcome the expansion of our group to include CLL (or Small Lymphocytic Lymphoma) patients with the expectation that veteran vaccine patients can provide a wealth of information to the newcomers. LymphomaVaccine is NOT CLL specific and we are not able to address your CLL specific concerns. Membership will be limited to actual vaccine candidates.

CLL/MYVAX Clinical trial patients are invited to join this group via the mail or web hyperlinks below: , or

You will be required to complete a brief application process (for moderator use) but your identity is closed or open (depending on your preference as you register with Yahoo. All shared information is confidential.

Jama Beasley

You may, of course, address your questions to Jama Beasley at the address given if you have questions about signing up for the group. The CLL patient community is appreciative of this offer of help and guidance.


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