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Progress on Prognostics

Date: February 10, 2005

There is little doubt that smarter therapy choices can be made in CLL, if you know what type of CLL you have. But I agree, getting these tests is done is a logistical nightmare right now, far easier said than done.

I am happy to report help is on the way. After conversations with several organizations, we have gone far enough in our negotiations with Quest Diagnostics that I feel a progress report to our membership is in order. Unlike more research oriented-facilities or ivory towers, Quest's commercial agenda has made it easier to push for rapid development of a good product at a decent price, a win-win situation for the customer (that's us) and the company. Time is money for the company; and time is life, from our perspective. That common ground makes it a lot easier to get this show on the road.

For a detailed report, read our article Progress on prognostics. With any luck, soon we should be able to get the full prognostic package of tests done with minimum hassle, and for not too much money. Since this deal is not cast in concrete yet, here is your chance to send us your suggestions. Negotiating as a large and motivated group of patients has made all the difference, I know only too well how hard it is to get any respect as a lone patient voice in the wilderness.

Be well.


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