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CLL Greatly Increases Your Risk of Skin Cancer

Date: March 26, 2004.

There is clear and unambiguous correlation between CLL and skin cancer, especially squamous cell carcinoma (SCC). A large-scale study from Sweden and Denmark shows that male CLL patients are almost ten times as likely to have SCC than the general population, and for women with CLL the relative risk is "only" six fold. In otherwise healthy people SCC tends to remain localized and easy enough to treat. Aggressive forms of SCC can occasionally spread to other sites of the body, generally through the lymphatic system. These are a lot harder to treat, and they can be a lot more dangerous. When SCC occurs in CLL patients, it is likely to be much more aggressive and dangerous. This is one more reason why I am delighted with the Best Practices list from Mayo Clinic, it sounds a clear and unambiguous warning to protect yourself from this malignant risk.

This is an important risk factor that you should be aware of. There are things you can do by way of life style changes, and things you can discuss with your doctor. If you wish to learn more and read the latest article on this website: Dying to Get a Tan?.

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