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Alert Number 68

"Harvey" Is Doing Well

Date: December 23, 2004

For those who are following the progress of "Harvey", Bucket-C patient and Round-headed Kid, we have have an update posted on the Topics website: Remission Management for the Round-headed Kid – December Snapshot. Our hypothetical patient has had a good remission since undergoing his "RHK" protocol in January of 2004. He may go in for a re-tread in a month or two. He seems to be on a 12-month maintenance cycle. Only time will tell how his strategy of going for a healthy stalemate will play out. If the logic of the RHK protocol appeals to you, be sure to read all the prior articles on this subject – you will want to get the whole story and not just bits and pieces of it.

My favorite patient joins me in wishing all of you good health, happiness and laughter in the new year.

Be well.


Editor's Note:
For earlier installments in this case study, you may want to read:
A Glitch in Harvey's Remission Maintenance Program;
Harvey's Chocolates;
The Continuing Saga of the Round-Headed Kid or the article that started it all,
The Difficult Case of the Round-Headed Kid.

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