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Alert Number 65

Gifts From the Heart

Date: December 20, 2004

Several readers responded on my comment in a recent Alert: What do you give as a gift to some one who has everything, including CLL? Here are a few more suggestions: perhaps they will help you come up with a bunch of your own ideas. These are all good things to give and to receive!

  1. The gift of healthy eating: how about a cookbook that teaches heart-healthy recipes? More CLL patients die from pulmonary and heart complications following therapy or infections than they die of CLL itself. This is a good time to get into fighting trim. How about a set of fine spices, to put some pleasure into healthful eating? Penzeys has some wonderful collections of excellent quality spices. I have used them often (I get no kick-back from them for this recommendation!) If food and the cooking of it is not your gig, how about a book that discusses the pleasures of fine red wines: resveratrol is so easy to take when it comes in a nice glass of pinot noir.
  2. The gift of a fit body, restful sleep: simple exercise equipment (good walking shoes, a set of weights, a jump rope, stylish work-out clothes, etc.) do not have to cost a lot of money. Nor does a relaxation tape of the recipient's favorite music to help the listener fall asleep. But the best one is an IOU that says you will go for nice walks with the patient every day - give him or her the gift of your company.
  3. The gift of being involved: I do not suggest that EGCG will single-handedly cure CLL. But EGCG laced chocolate, either the commercial variety we brought to your attention a few days back, or the home-made "Harvey's chocolates" recipe on our website are not all that hard to take! You might package the candy with some of the literature articles that explain why the EGCG is considered good for the CLL body; chocolate is good for the soul - that goes without saying.
  4. The gift of hope: Last but not least, how about a donation to Project Alpha, in honor of your special some one with CLL? We have over 650 registered members on these Topics Alerts, I would like to see each of your names on our acknowledgements page. You can see the details by clicking on this link: Acknowledgements.

We have donors who have sent us thousands of dollars, and many that have said "thank you" with a check for $25. We treasure all of them. This grassroots support from our patient community is truly the wind beneath our wings, it is what keeps us going.

Be well,


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