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ZAP-70 Testing: Where to Go, How Much It Costs

Date: March 21, 2004

One of our readers has kindly provided useful information for those of you looking to get ZAP-70 testing done. Below are the contact information, cost of getting the test done, and the type of samples the company (PROPATHLAB) will need to do the test. Be sure to call ahead and get the exact details; phone, fax and email and website information is given below. I am a little surprised it costs only $75. If any of you actually get this test done at PROPATHLAB, do write and let me know how it worked out.

Let me take this opportunity to thank the member (who wishes to stay anonymous) who sent in this information. If any of you come across interesting information that you think would benefit the rest of our members, do write to us. You should let us know if you wish to stay anonymous or would like to be acknowledged in public.

For more information on ZAP-70 test and what it means by way of prognostics, here are two articles on our website:

ZAP-70: Why should you care?;
What Type of CLL Do You Have?.

Be well,


Company Statement

"This month, we call attention to the availability of a new immunohistochemical marker, ZAP-70, that can assist in recognizing subsets of chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) with substantially different prognoses".

"ZAP-70 immunostains are now available in the ProPath Immunohistochemistry Laboratory, and CD38 immunostains are also available".

Propath ZAP-70 document

"If you sent the test to ProPath, the total cost (for the actual test and a written report of the results) would be $75.00. We would need a paraffin block of tissue involved with CLL (lymph node biopsy or bone marrow biopsy) sent to our lab to perform the test, which we would return. Turnaround time is 1 working day".

Rodney T. Miller, M.D.,
Director of Immunohistochemistry
214-237-1631 • Fax 214-237-1770

8267 Elmbrook Dr, Ste 100 •
Dallas, Texas 75247-4009
(214) 638-2000 • Fax: (214) 905-3457

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