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Clinical Trial Results: Rituxan + Campath

Date: July 30, 2004

Clinical trials with human volunteers are at the very heart of our efforts to develop better therapies. It is all very interesting to read about cell line studies in the lab, or even mouse studies, but the rubber meets the road only when the concepts are tested in real live patients. Patients who volunteer for early stage clinical trials are the real heroes of the medical revolution. Win, lose or draw, their participation in well thought out and well conducted (and promptly reported!!) clinical trials adds to our understanding.

The most recent article on our website, Rituxan plus Campath, discusses a recent article from M. D. Anderson, reporting the results of their Campath + Rituxan clinical trial in late stage CLL patients. There was good reason to hope for synergy between the two monoclonal antibodies: the sum of the two being more than just additive. While this was a non-randomized and single arm study, the results of this important trial are pretty clear, and should provide guidance for researchers and patients alike. If you are considering participating in a similar clinical trial, this article and the references we used in it are very worth reading.

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