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Date: June 30, 2004

Berlex Labs is recruiting participants for their Phase-2 multi-center clinical trial, a combination of fludarabine and Campath for previously treated CLL patients.

We report on our participation in a Patient Advisory Board Meeting conducted by Berlex Laboratories, US distributors for Campath and fludarabine. FluCam 106 is a direct head-to-head comparison between Campath + fludarabine versus the better understood Rituxan + fludarabine therapy pioneered by Byrd, et. al. Campath + fludarabine is a powerful combination that has proven effective even in cases refractory to fludarabine and Campath as single agents. This is an important clinical trial, and we were fortunate to have an inside look at the way this trial is designed.

You can read about this in an article titled FluCam-106.

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