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Rituxan + Fenretinide Clinical Trial Update

Date: March 8, 2008

Back in January 2007 we wrote about a clinical trial that we helped sponsor and fund – combination of Rituxan and Fenretinide (an analog of vitamin A) –  at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center.  Your hard earned dollars paid for the grant we gave Dr. Ajay Gopal, the PI of this trial.  For those of you who are not familiar with this trial and its potential for giving Rituxan a low toxicity ‘oomph’, here is the link to our earlier article where we described it and the basis of our interest in it.

Rituxan + Fenretinide Clinical Trial

This Alert is to bring you some recent information about this trial.  Richard Warburton is a good friend and valued member of our CLL patient community.  Richard is also a participant in the Rituxan + Fenretinide clinical trial.  Richard decided he wanted to share his experience with this combination with the rest of you.  He also decided to include his actual name and contact information, for those of you who may be interested in participating in this trial and would like to contact him with additional questions.  Below are Richard’s comments, verbatim, I did not make any changes in his narrative.  Please join me in thanking Richard for his generosity, and wish him continued success with the R + Fenretinide trial.  Way to go, Richard!!

A Patient Perspective - R + Fenretinide

One additional point:  in a recent exchange of emails Dr. Gopal told me that their Internal Review Board now allows patients go get the Rituxan part of the combination at their local oncologist’s office, which may make it easier for patients coming from out of town or out of state.

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