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Mini-allo MUD transplants at the NCI

Date: January 18, 2008

I am delighted to be bringing you some excellent news, a report you should read and bookmark. 

Mini-allo MUD Transplants at the NCI

Money makes the world go around, my friends.  Are you one of those patients with aggressive CLL, too young to run out the clock, and not enough insurance to get an expensive stem cell transplant that may actually cure you?  Unless you live in a cave and don’t go out much, you must be aware of the wide ranging discussions going on in this country on the state of our health care, the unacceptably large percentage of our citizens that do not have adequate health insurance. Stem cell transplants cost money - lots of it.  I have heard from too many of our members whose health insurance plans look fine at first blush; but the devil is in the details, and there may be roadblocks you have not considered.

This article reviews a very important clinical trial at the NCI (the U. S. National Cancer Institute). That’s right, your tax dollars at work and actually doing you some good! Who would have thunk it!  This NCI Matched Unrelated Donor (MUD) mini-allo transplant program offers as close to the proverbial free lunch as you can get, and still be legal.  CLL patients are eligible, and here is the clincher – almost all of it is completely free of charge. I am not kidding folks. They will even pay for the donor registry search to find you a good MUD match, and a per diem to cover part of the costs of your stay at Bethesda! The protocol is open to all USA residents, as well as foreigners who are in this country with a valid visa.

This protocol has just opened, and they already have a few patients enrolled. My guess is the remaining 20 or so slots will not stay open for too long.  If you are in the market for a MUD transplant, you had better not dither too long. Let us know if there is anything we can do to help your case.

Be well,


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