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Jab & Dab: Clinical Trial Launched

Date: October 7, 2007

They say the flu season this year is going to be a bad one. And as we know by now, CLL patients are more at risk and less likely to be protected by standard issue flu vaccinations.

Back on May 13, 2006 we discussed our efforts to get a clinical trial going for Improving flu vaccinations . Well, just in time for this year’s flu season, the paperwork has finally cleared all the regulatory and practical hurdles and the research team at the Royal Bournemouth Hospital (UK) is now ready to recruit patients for this trial. We discuss the science, trial protocol and enrollment criteria in a new article titled Jab & Dab: We Have Liftoff! I have no doubt this clinical trial will recruit quickly and the information we get from it will be invaluable in better understanding how CLL patients respond to vaccinations.

The patient community has tremendous “ownership” in this trial: the concept originated at CLL Topics and it is sponsored with your donation money! Please join me in thanking the generous volunteers participating in this trial and wishing them good luck, good health, and a flu-free year!

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