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Making Sensible Decisions About Stem Cell Transplants

Date: September 10, 2007

A few months ago we published an article about “Richard”, a high-risk CLL patient considering mini-allo transplant. The title of our article, Catch 22: The Transplant Minefield, summed up the mind-bending difficulties patients face. “Richard” went to three highly regarded expert centers, and in our article you can read about the different responses he got from each center.

We decided to contact CLL and transplant exerts about this case study, to see if they are willing to share their expertise with out members. I am happy to report that four of our favorite CLL experts from major research centers have been generous in sharing their personal viewpoints on the question. You can read their opinions in our article, What Say You, Dr. Expert?. Please join me in thanking Drs. Call, Hamblin, Pettitt and Wierda. I think you will find they have interesting things to say about CLL and transplants.

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