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The Flip Side of Sun Avoidance – Too Little Vitamin D3

Date: June 15, 2004

I am sure you have all read miraculous anecdotal stories on the various internet chat rooms, they sometimes go like this: CLL patient living in one of our more northern states goes down to Florida every winter, to take advantage of the warmer and sunnier climate as well as enjoy a daily game of golf. Presto! Every year his CLL counts stop rising, the disease may even take a back seat over this period. Perhaps there are other reasons for this, but one reason that suggests itself is that the patient in question has a chronic case of Vitamin D insufficiency, which is temporarily corrected when he gets a lot more sun over the winter months playing golf. Vitamin D is essential for good health in all sorts of ways, and it is also a potent cancer fighter. Our bodies have evolved to make the necessary amount of this potent hormone when our skin is exposed to UV in sunlight.

Now, would it not be grand if he could get the same effect year round, but without increasing his risk of getting skin cancer? Something to think about. Unfortunately, and I am quoting from a Mayo abstract, "Physicians in the United States rarely screen for hypovitaminosis D and rarely prescribe vitamin D, even when medically indicated". If your healthcare provider falls into this category, and you suspect that like most of us you may fall into the vitamin D deficient category, it is probably important for you to get a little pro-active.

Here is a review article that might help you have your cake and eat it too, help you figure out how to limit your risk of skin cancer by staying out of the sun, and yet get enough vitamin D to get its undisputed health benefits.

You can read Vitamin D3: Essential for Health on this website.

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