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“Lumi” — The New Babe in Town

Date: March 6, 2007

Biogen Idec, the folks that brought us Rituxan, are busy developing a new monoclonal antibody for use in CLL.

Lumiliximab (I far prefer the shorter and sexier name “Lumi”) is the latest monoclonal antibody and it has some interesting features that might make it useful in treating CLL. It targets CD23, a marker which is brightly expressed by CLL cells and is in fact a B-cell activation marker. This new monoclonal antibody appears to have an enviably low toxicity profile.

In our latest article Lumiliximab: The Next Drug in CLL? we give you the inside scoop on Lumi, the inevitable risks-versus-rewards comparison, and evaluate the newly launched pivotal Phase III multi-center clinical trial which compares FCR + Lumi with the standard FCR therapy regime. This trail might be interesting to our readers who are thinking of starting FCR therapy. Half the patients will get FCR, while the other half will get a chance at the potentially more effective combination of FCR + Lumi. There are trial centers recruiting in the US, Canada, Australia and Europe. You can check out all the details in our review.

As always, your feedback is important to us. Do let us know if you decide to go ahead and participate in this clinical trial.

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