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Fludarabine Monotherapy No Longer the Gold Standard

Date: May 13, 2004

The Addition of Rituxan Results in Longer Survival

In our section on Making Therapy Choices, we review two research papers that have just been published in Blood online. The first, authored by a panel of top CLL experts, presents persuasive data that a combination of Rituxan and Fludarabine is superior to Fludarabine monotherapy in both response rate and survival.

The companion paper, authored by researchers at the NCI, concludes that Fludarabine monotherapy in CLL relies on a p53-dependent mechanism for cell kill, and that this therapy has the potential to select for p53-mutant cells, leading to more aggressive and resistant disease. These are very important conclusions that need wide dissemination among patients and practicing oncologists. Please read Fludarabine Monotherapy Is No Longer the Gold Standard.

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