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Rituxan + Fenretinide: A Brand New Clinical Trial Sponsored by CLL Topics

Date: January 8, 2007

We are starting the New Year with a bang!

Fenretinide is an extremely interesting drug. This molecule is a synthetic variation of the much better known molecule, Vitamin A. Here are five reasons why you should be interested in fenretinide.

  1. It has novel anti-cancer properties, both for cancer prevention and treatment of cancers after the fact. It has been used in diverse cancers and has a long track record.
  2. Large and long term studies have shown it be very low in toxicity.
  3. There is intriguing data suggesting that it synergizes with Rituxan, increasing the effectiveness of Rituxan without much by way of additional toxicity. That should get your attention!
  4. A Phase II clinical trial of Rituxan + fenretinide has just opened for recruitment at the Hutchinson cancer center in Seattle.  The inclusion criteria are very broad indeed, and CLL patients are included.
  5. Last but not least, CLL Topics is proud to announce that we are funding and sponsoring this clinical trial, with your hard earned and generously donated dollars.

We are co-sponsors of this trial, along with the National Cancer Institute. They gave half a million dollars, we gave $20,000. Hey, what’s wrong with a little leverage? The NCI has deeper pockets than us. Come to think of it, that half million bucks is ours as well, since the NCI gets all of it money from taxpayers like you and me.

We have just published details of this trial in an article titled Rituxan plus Fenretinide: A Match Made in Heaven?. I hope you will read all about it. This may be a therapy option that is just right for you. I like the concept of low toxicity and increasing the efficacy of Rituxan by means of adding a modified version of vitamin A. Do write and let us know if you are going to be a participant in the trial, since we like to keep track of our members and how they are doing on the clinical trials we recommend. And if there is any thing we can do to help you, don’t hesitate to write as well.

Be well,


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