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Tregs Revealed: Regulators and Killers

Date: November 16, 2006

The human immune system must perform a delicate balancing act between safeguarding its own vital tissues and at the same time aggressively destroying pathogens and cancers.

Recent breakthrough research is revealing the details of how this actually happens. Some T-cells are potent killers, willing and able to hunt down virally infected cells and cancer cells. To balance these, there are other T-cells that provide regulatory oversight, keeping the killers under check. Too many killer cells and too few regulatory cells means the risk of autoimmune disease, where the body is destroyed by overexuberant killer T-cells. But too many regulatory cells means nothing gets done, viruses and cancers can flourish with no one to stop them.

We review the critical role of these important players in our latest article bearing the title Tregs Revealed. Understanding how these cells function and their delicate balance is central to making good therapy decisions for CLL patients.

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