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Harvey’s Chocolates

Date: May 4, 2004

Do you know anyone who is trying to quit smoking? Have you seen the recent ads for nicotine chewing gum, sold as an aid to smokers trying to quit? Have you ever wondered why they don't sell nicotine capsules that can be swallowed?

The problem with swallowing a capsule is that only a small amount of the active ingredient gets into the blood, and in any case it takes too long to get there. Smokers need a quick and immediate 'hit' of nicotine to get them over the intense craving. The nicotine chewing gum works by rapid and efficient drug transport through the mucosal lining of the mouth and salivary glands and into general blood circulation. Besides getting the drug into the blood stream efficiently and quickly, mucosal drug delivery is a method that is patient friendly.

There has been a lot of discussion on the various internet chat rooms on the best way to get EGCG (major component of green tea polyphenols) into general blood circulation: drinking many cups of tea, swallowing fistful of capsules, or using a green tea skin cream? Harvey's Chocolates (named for our round headed hero) may be the best way of all, they are surely the tastiest way of getting your daily quota of EGCG.

Read about Harvey's Chocolates, the latest installment in the continuing story of our round-headed hero.

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