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Alert Number 161

Money Makes the World Go Round

Date: May 18, 2006

Several of you wrote after reading about "Jab & Dab", the latest clinical trial we have decided to sponsor and fund. This is probably the single most important clinical trial we have undertaken.

There seems to be some confusion about how you can support this trial. Yes, we need your financial support for funding this important clinical trial. No, we do not want to get aggressive in our fund-raising efforts. At the bottom of each of our articles on Topics there is a small button that says “Donations”. If you click on that button, you are taken to our Donations page, and that has all the information such as the address to send your check, payment details through PayPal if that is your preference, etc. The Donations page has a lot of other information as well. For example, it has links to the Acknowledgements page which lists our donors and displays our financial statements as a registered non-profit. You will note we have very low overheads since none of us get paid a dime for the work we do. Most of us spend money out of our pockets for the privilege of running CLL Topics.

I suppose we could be a more aggressive in our efforts at fund raising, but frankly neither PC nor I like asking people for money. We do not want to impose. We like it best when our members care enough to be pro-active in their support, not because we send out a lot of hounding solicitation requests. Much though I love the programming on PBS, I hate their on-air solicitation drives! Last but not least, CLL Topics is a two person effort, for all practical purposes. It is just me and PC, we do all of the work and we are working harder now than when we did it for a living. We would rather spend our energy doing what we do best than get into fund-raising in a big way. If this limits our ability to support more clinical trials, so be it.

Be well,


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