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Alert Number 152

Forest Bump

Date: February 24, 2006

A couple of weeks ago we reviewed a new clinical trial at UPMC, one that took a fresh approach to the chemo-immunotherapy combination of F, C and R. We dubbed this new trial “FCR Lite”, because it attempts to reduce the toxicity of the combination by decreasing the amounts of the chemotherapy drugs fludarabine (“F”) and cyclophosphamide (“C”), and increasing the amount of Rituxan (“R”), compared to the dosages used in “FCR Classic” pioneered at M. D. Anderson. You can read the details of this trial by clicking on the following link: FCR Lite.

Now we have a first person account of a patient going through this trial. In keeping with our previous practice, the patient’s privacy is maintained by using a fictitious name and persona. “Forest Gump” is a CLL patient after my own heart. He is a runner (hence the name he chose) and believes in keeping himself fit. But I think you will agree therapy was in the cards and we thank him for volunteering for this important trial. You can read his individual take on this approach, as well as view detailed charts of his blood work from the date of diagnosis to right up to now, by visiting our website “Forest” is part way through the protocol. We will bring you updates along the way. Please join me in wishing Forest good luck and thanking him for sharing his experiences with us.

If any of you wish to contact Forest, please send the emails to mail and we will forward them to our intrepid volunteer.

Be well,


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