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Alert Number 145

Comparing Apples and Kumquats

Date: January 18, 2006

There is an ongoing debate about FCR versus PCR combo therapies. Which is better? Which has higher efficacy, and lower toxicity? Does it really make a difference which of the two purine analogs, fludarabine or pentostatin, is used? Comparing the results of these two trials is not easy but we nevertheless make a brave attempt in our latest article, Comparing Apples and Kumquats in which we give you an update on these and other important clinical trials.

You might remember we had serious concerns about the design of the FCR + Mitoxantrone clinical trial offered at M. D. Anderson. We brought it to the attention of the researchers (and the manufacturer of mitoxantrone) that they need to include FDA mandated screening of patients for cardiac risk prior to recruiting them for this trial. We are delighted to report the newly updated protocol for the FCR + M trial includes cardiac screening as one of the criteria used for recruiting patients. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the many patients who corresponded with us about this trial, as well as our unofficial but definitely blue ribbon advisory panel, whose feedback made it easier for us to tilt with this particularly powerful windmill. You can read about the continuing saga of FCR + M as well in this latest article.

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