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Three New CLL Clinical Trials - All Targeting Bcl-2

Date: November 2, 2005

Eternal life is not a good thing, not when we are talking about CLL cells.

One of the major reasons why CLL cells accumulate inexorably in your body is that they do not die on command, as they are supposed to. Healthy cells are well behaved, obediently committing suicide when commanded to do so. This process of culling out over-the-hill or defective cells is called apoptosis, and it is a very important process in our bodies. Bcl-2 is a family of proteins that controls apoptosis. In many cancer cells including CLL, there is too much of the anti-death Bcl-2 protein, protecting the malignant cells from dying. The anti-apoptosis Bcl-2 protein also makes CLL cells resistant to chemotherapy.

We have just published a brand new article (Targeting Bcl-2) reviewing three different clinical trials presently underway testing agents that target Bcl-2, as a way of “encouraging” the CLL cells to die a dignified death. One of these agents, Genasense, has been around for a few years. The other two are small molecule drugs that are being tested at Georgetown University and UCSD. If you are considering volunteering for one of these trials, you would be well advised to read our review. We also have comments from Genta’s CEO after reviewing our Genasense article.

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