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Sylvan scene - CLL Topics cancer support group

Discussion of apoptosis mechanisms - from Professor John W. Kimball's online textbook. (The entire document is available under Textbooks.)

BSA Calculation
Some methods of calculating Body Surface Area (BSA) for chemotherapy dosage

CD Molecules
Human cell surface molecules recognized by The International Workshops on Human Leukocyte Differentiation Antigens

CLL Overview
Comprehensive overview of CLL in the 2002 ASH education book. Three distinct sections deal with:
1) The Nature and Natural History of Early-stage CLL, by Terry J. Hamblin,
2) Progression Events in B-CLL by Neil. E. Kay, et. al. and
3) to Treat or Not to Treat the Patient with CLL: That Is the Question by John C. Byrd, et. al.

Detailed description of the complement system from University of Arizona. (For a link to the Immunology lectures from this source please look under Textbooks.)

Gene Delivery Systems
Article from the Scientist describing multiple approaches to delivering genes

Gene Therapy
Human Genome Project Information home page on Gene Therapy. Many links.

Basics of immunotherapy as expounded by the American Cancer Society

Martindale's Health Science Guide
Online "virtual medical center" with everything from medical texts, courses, modules and cases on topics from bacteriology to urology. This site has a wealth of links to live information on the web. Courtesy University of California, Irvine.

Introduction to monoclonal antibodies from Kimball's Biology Pages. (A link to Professor Kimball's online text is provided under Textbooks.)

COX-2 Inhibition, Apoptosis, and Chemoprevention by Nonsteroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs

Nuclear Factor Kappa B
NFkB primer

Science Behind Cancer
NCI's overview of cancer related science. Introductory treatment supported by numerous illustrations.

Single Agent Rituximab Therapy
Dr. John D. Hainsworth's lecture (audio and slides) on use of Rituxan as first-line single agent therapy. Clear, low-key presentation with insights on maintenance protocol and efficacy in early-stage cases.

Supplements, Nutraceuticals and "Alternative" medicines
Balanced and authoritative evaluations of a number of substances with claimed anti-cancer and general health benefits. Detailed reports with references on each item from the H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa, Florida.

The Body
Multifaceted website with a wealth of information AIDS, blood diseases, immunology and related subjects. Rated on of the best health websites.

US News rankings of Cancer Hospitals
Top 50 in US ranked - your experience may vary

Understanding the Immune System
NCI's excellent basic introduction to the immune system. Introductory treatment supported by numerous illustrations.


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