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EGCG Candies — Two Suppliers Enter the Market

Date: December 10, 2004

by P. C. Venkat

Oral EGCG Products Are Now Available

Editor's Note: We provide the following notices as information only. It is up to the reader to judge the suitability of the products. While CLL Topics has had discussions with both the suppliers identified below regarding their plans to introduce the products, we have no business arrangements with either of them and no financial interest in the products. For some scientific background on EGCG in CLL, you may want to read our articles Harvey's Chocolates and Do You Like Drinking Green Tea?.

Canadian supplier Origin Biomedicinals Inc., based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, is ready to ship its Can-Tea Max hard candy, ideal for slow oral-mucosal delivery of the EGCG. Instead of sugar, the company uses maltose in the product, to make it friendlier to diabetics and teeth. The taste of the green tea comes through clearly. The company has arranged to supply the U. S. market out of its warehouse in Sandusky, Ohio. Presumably they will ship to Canadian customers from Halifax.

The product that would be of interest to CLL patients is Can-Tea MAX, which according to the company has 78mg. of catechins (71 mg EGCG) per lozenge. The company states the product is targeted to "health professionals"; but they have made it available to CLL Topics members through a Special Registration. Origin is packaging the lozenges in 'packs' of 16 each, priced as shown on their order page.

The links to the Can-Tea MAX page and the company's home page are also provided here:;

You can see a profile of this company at the following link: Origin Biomedicinals - Complete Profile.

Boutique chocolatier Neuchatel Chocolates of Oxford, Pennsylvania claims 100mg of EGCG in each of its EGCG-laced chocolate pieces - available as dark Swiss chocolates or as sugar-free milk chocolates. We have sampled these products and find them delicious. Our only problem is that it is too easy to gobble them up quickly. You can go to the EGCG chocolate order page by clicking on this link: which will redirect you to their order page. You will have to agree to the terms of a release form on the order page before you can place your order.

Neuchatel ships the chocolates in boxes of 40 pieces. For additional information, please refer to the Neuchatel website. The company's home page is at: Neuchatel Chocolates.

You will find some basic information on this small private company in the Competitive Intelligence Report from Goliath, and from the Confectioner Source Book.




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